17 October 2022 Youth Connekt Africa Summit invites youth to wake up and be the solution

gold-youth attended the annual Youth Connekt Africa Summit from 13-15th October in Kigali, Rwanda. This year’s theme was “Accelerating Investments in Youth: Resilient Youth, Resilient Africa”.

As well as the encouragement of witnessing thousands of youth from across the continent come together with intention to learn and grow solutions, several informative workshops and plenary sessions brought deep insight and knowledge into some of the most pressing issues facing young people today.

The feeling of ‘greater knowledge requiring greater responsibility’ left us with fresh drive to see Africa’s young leaders fully equipped to bring solutions into their spheres of influence.

Here are our top 10 take-aways from the Summit.

  1. The future of Africa is in the hands of the youth.
  2. Youth should embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  3. Growth that is not shared cannot be sustainable.
  4. Young Africans are the hope for development.
  5. Youth are major investors.
  6. Everyone is a leader in a positive way.
  7. Youth have passion, energy, ideas, creativity, motivation and intelligence and need to take leadership position in their countries.
  8. We have to encourage our young people to take responsibilities.
  9. Africa is not the continent of problems.
  10. Youth need to have discipline in order to see success.