More than half of young people in Sub-Saharan Africa are born into poverty, growing up in communities that offer no hope. We're going after a different future; a revolution of hope.

Training and Consulting Services

gold Training is a division of gold-enterprises, our for-profit social enterprise that works with gold-youth to serve the overall gold vision.

We leverage the wealth of experience from gold-youth’s research, training, development practices and peer education methodology; providing custom solutions for you to reach your people-related behaviour change outcomes.

We offer:
  • Social Behaviour Change Training:
    A variety of accredited peer education training, skills development and transformation workshops to drive sustainable human transformation and behaviour change.
  • Social Behaviour Change Consulting Solutions:
    For businesses, governments, NGOs and development agencies seeking help in the design of programmes and implementation strategies that result in sustainable social behaviour change. Email for more information.
    • Peer2Peer DIY blended training suite:
      A digital training suite of resources and tools to support you, in your context, to bring about specific outcomes in adult or youth social behaviour change. This is part of our strategy to share the research base and key lessons from the gold peer education model with a wider audience that want to see tangible change, ground up.

Using blended learning resources, Peer2Peer Workplace or Peer2Peer Youth, provides you with a DIY digital or print training content solution.

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