14 December 2023 Voice of the Youth…

“There’s more to life than living in sorrow…”

Since childhood, I always felt isolated, unloved, and vulnerable. I felt like I was a nobody and that my existence didn’t matter. I come from a poor and broken family and this contributed to my low self-esteem, which affected my school performance. I have always been a shy and antisocial person, but after attending the weekly sessions with Facilitator, Mary, I can associate with different kinds of people, and my self-esteem has improved. Joining the gold Program helped me discover myself and become a positive thinker.

I decided to change because I realized there is more to life than living in sorrow and being isolated. Now, I can reason and make informed decisions. The gold Program brought many changes in my life, and I can now help my friends. One of them abused substances and I encouraged him through one-on-one mentoring, and I can proudly say that my encouragement has allowed him to stop using drugs. 

To conclude, I want to thank the gold Facilitators who contributed positively to my life and made me who I am today.

Natasha Musonda- Lead Peer Educator at Chingola Secondary School in Zambia.