22 December 2017 Reflections of 2017

Thank you to all of our valued supporters and community partners for collaborating with gold-youth in 2017. Together we have deepened our contribution towards a hope-filled future for young people in Southern Africa. We honour our 52 Facilitator Interns who have trained, mentored, quality assured and journeyed life with 1582 teenage Peer Educators at grassroots, who in turn, during 2017 measurably served their 3718 Peers, seeing tangible results in risk behaviour reduction, improved education and increased employability! This year 169 jobs were created for our of school youth. In addition, 757 gold Grads were supported to continue living as social and economic agents of change.

Although we pause for some weeks before entering 2018, the gold Team will start the New Year with a renewed passionate discontent about the status quo. We are grateful for the change we have seen… yet we are restless, because the burning vision to see justice, hope and purpose-driven opportunities unfold for all of Africa’s youth is not yet a reality. But in 2017 we have moved closer… thank you for making this possible. Let’s keep on keeping on! 

Susannah Farr

gold Group CEO