9 October 2017 Global Citizen Award 2017 nomination

gold Youth Development Agency CEO, Susannah Farr, was recently chosen as one of four finalists selected out of 200 nominations from entrepreneurs and activists from around the world for the Waislitz Global Citizen of the Year Award for 2017. 

The nominees were selected in recognition of excellence in their work to end extreme poverty and were selected based on individual merit in four key areas, namely:

  • GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP (How the nominee embodies and exemplifies the values and practices of a Global Citizen)
  • IMPACT (The nominee’s track record of reducing extreme poverty)
  • INNOVATION (How the has nominee has brought new thinking to overcoming the challenge of ending extreme poverty)
  • POTENTIAL  (How the award would enable or support the nominee to scale or improve their work and how the nominee would use the funding)

The final selection of the winner was conducted via public vote (see www.globalcitizen.org/en/awards/waislitz-award/finalists/) gold Youth Development Agency wishes to congratulate the 2017 winner, Wilma Rodriguez, CEO of Saahas Zero Waste. We also wish to thank Global Citizen and the Waislitz Foundation for the opportunity afforded to gold-youth through the awareness created about gold Youth development Agency through the nomination of our CEO, Susannah Farr.

Susannah, your are our Global Citizen, and we salute you!

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