25 March 2020 COVID-19 Message Givers

Join us in doing a Talk Group! We believe the Message Giver is the Strongest Message! And just because schools are closed doesn’t mean we have to stop talking and using peer education to spread important information and positive social change.
To be held in groups of 2-3 with those already around you, and sitting 2 metres apart, we’d love you to use this Talk Group outline to talk through COVID-19. Information that is acted on is power, and can bring change!
Here’s what we suggest:
1. Everyone is a Peer Educator (no matter what your age)! Watch this video for some inspiration on how gold Talk Groups are normally held: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXCxWQE_iJE
2. Read through the Talk Group. You can access it at the end of this post OR you can download it here:
3. Follow the instructions, be empowered and be the change!
4. Share with us – Please email us your thoughts (fiona@goldyouth.org), using video, photos, voice or text. Tell us how you are going to be the change and stop the spread of this virus and help others along the way! #letyourgoldshine