Help 1000 youth find their gold within

South African Youth Day is a significant day in history. It serves as a reminder of the youth's determination to fight for their rights and the importance of their active involvement in their own brighter future.

Today, many young individuals in our country face a harsh reality: limited access to quality education, lack of mentorship and unemployment which hinders their ability to reach their full potential.

Together let’s help 1000 youth find their gold within. Gift young people with the chance to be a part of the life-changing gold Peer Education Program.

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Celebrate the young people in South Africa with us by acknowledging their courage and resilience as they face their daily challenges.

Meet gold Senior Peer Educator from South Africa, Monica Ngwenya

“I am Monica Ngwenya. My life before gold was a mess. I used to skip school and pay no attention to my studies. I was easily distracted and influenced by my friends, which led me to make foolish decisions that negatively impacted my schoolwork. As a result, I failed both the first and second terms of Grade 9. However, after joining the gold Peer Education Program, I began to understand the importance of education.

The turning point came when I was at school during our "Goal Setting" gold sessions. gold Facilitator Intern, Thandeka, spoke to us about the significance of setting and maintaining goals daily to achieve better outcomes for ourselves and our families. It felt as if she was speaking directly to me during that session, and I made a firm decision to change because I want to become someone and achieve my dreams in life.

Now, I am fully dedicated to my studies and no longer skip classes. I have distanced myself from the friends who used to influence me negatively, and I am now able to stand my ground and not be easily influenced by peer pressure. My self-esteem has grown, and I am highly confident in my abilities. I display good behaviour and show respect towards my peers, who show the same attitude towards me.

My ultimate goal is to excel in my matriculation exams so that I can attend university. I would love to go to the University of Cape Town and study medicine as I believe it will help me to care for my family. Singing is a passion of mine, and I dedicate a significant amount of time practicing at church.”

gold Youth Development Agency is championing youth-led change across Africa through an evidence-based peer education model. Visit the gold-youth website to learn more.

Help Monica and thousands of young people to become change-makers and youth leaders in their schools and community.

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Check out the gold-youth African Dream. View the short video clip below: