21 June 2018 Youth Day: gold Youths Set up Street Store and Say No to Poverty

16 June 2018 –
Masoyi gold Youth Peer Education Programme worked with Humphrey Mokoena – one of our gold Grads and our past Facilitator Intern – in implementing his concept of a Street Store for the first time in Mpumalanga. The aim of the Street Store is to give away clothes to the needy through the setup of a clothing store.

Every community upliftment action taken by our youth this year is aligned with one of 3 chosen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG1 is No Poverty, and these young people are directly contributing to move towards this goal. Every action counts!

Though the clothes were donated by other people and most of them were second-hand clothes, the intention was for the beneficiaries to get the feel of picking the clothes of their choices as though they were at a clothing store, unlike when they are given clothes and they do not have any say or a choice.

The Street Store was well set up with different sections for kids, youth and adults and the clothes were neatly packed, just as in a normal clothes shop.  gold Youth were given roles as troubleshooters or store attendants and they guided the beneficiaries around the store, helping them to pick the right sizes and suitable items.

Peer Educators and peers from each site donated some of the clothes. They showed great commitment to the event by arriving the day before to help arrange the clothes in sizes and divide up male and female items, and in the morning on the event day, they helped to set up the store before the beneficiaries arrived.

Parents/guardians came with their kids and shopped for the clothes of their choice. They were overjoyed by the experience. You could see how happy they were being able to choose the clothes for themselves and their kids in a store setup. The troubleshooters (Peer Educators) helping them were so friendly and they also enjoyed their job.

The beneficiaries were about 45 community members, 25 youth and 40 kids.

All in all the event was a success and met its objectives. We’re so proud of our youth!

– Rosemary Mashego, gold Masoyi Sites Co-ordinator