20 May 2016 Young Leaders Taking Charge of their Community

On the 14th of May 2016 , GOLD Peer Educators and Facilitators from Limpopo participated in  a community upliftment activity at a common area in Mokopane. This is where taxis drop off primary school learners in the morning and pick up them up in the afternoon. It is “also one of the first places you see as you enter our town”  said Imogen Van Wyk the Programme Manager at Destiny Alive : an organisation that implements the GOLD programme in Limpopo.  The goal of the activity was to make the area safe,and beautiful for the primary school learners and the rest of the community.


Culette (left), Immogen (right)

They picked up papers, pulled out grass and weeds,planted some trees and removed unwanted structure. With the support from parents and community members,  the young people reckon that this  will be a long term project. The lesson they gathered from this activity is that the  responsibility of their community’s condition lies in their hands.

At GOLD we encourage servant leadership and active citizenship. It is so inspiring to see young people taking it to heart and encouraging members of the community to do the same:

Base- Peer educator : ” today I could’ve been sitting at home but now I am out here uplifting my community, wow”.

Michael- Peer: ” I am proud of myself”

Culette- Community member:” Between the dust, sore muscles and laughter I was pleased to be part in making Mokopane beautiful again”