1 June 2016 Spirit of Africa Opportunity – Be a Mentor
Got a love for TOURISM and would like an opportunity in this field?

Spirit of Africa has a great OPPORTUNITY for you !

Spirit of Africa, a travel management company, approached GOLD seeking versatile leaders who would be incredible mentors for family expeditions.

Spirit of Africa has identified training components for National Geographic Mentors. YES you will be trained before the opportunity!

The bullet points below, outline the topics that will be covered during the training. A mentor will need understand these topics in order to perform the role to the best of their ability.

  • South African Geography – specifically about the mountain and suburban areas
  • American lifestyles
  • South Africa history-from pre 1652 through colonialisation and then apartheid to present.
  • Tourism sites and activities

What is a mentor?

As a mentor you are:

  • An aupair – a friend to children and teenagers
  • A fun-loving member of the group who will liven up dull moments
  • Have games at hand that will encourage participation by children, teens and adults alike
  • Be in charge when on optional activities, enacting a Tour Guide role.

Am I right for the job?

Mentor Requirements:

  • Age: 20+
  • Has valid driver licence
  • First aid, CPR, and Blood-borne pathogens certification (Recommended)
  • Accessible and available when called upon for a tour
  • Thinks quickly on feet and is able to make good decisions, especially under pressure
  • Ability to diplomatically substantiate their decisions in the face of unpopularity and where necessary change course of action to obtain best results for all.
  • Demonstrates strong problem resolution skills
  • Ability to be empathetic to the needs of tourists
  • Able to provide professional support and feedback
  • Team player and able to develop others
  • Values the opinions of others
  • Willing to share time, knowledge and expertise all the time
  • Ability to acknowledge shortcomings and seek out remedial action
  • Respected and trusted by adults
  • Comfortable working with children and teenagers, and be a fun-loving companion to them
  • Honest and candid
  • Demonstrates integrity and has a solid ethical base
  • Compassionate, attentive & perceptive
  • Proactive, takes initiative, is dedicated, optimistic & enthusiastic
  • Resourceful
  • Diplomatic and not easily angered
  • Confident and engaging
  • External Awareness (aware of what is happening outside of home environment)
  • Broad general knowledge
  • Have a good command of English and not be soft spoken
  • Quick learner who will be able to gain knowledge required as a tour guide (SA History, Knowledge of CT, comprehension of socio-economic and political contemporary society)

This placement is NOT A FULL TIME placement. Your will be mentoring wealthy families from America for perhaps 1-2 weeks. There will be a roster, so you are not  continually on the road. So it might turn out, that you do this only for 1 week per term as side employmen

I am interested- what do I do now?

Please email your CV to Dean Egypt. In the same email attach a cover letter not longer than a page telling us a little bit about yourself and indicating your motivation for the position.

You are also required to do Free online Tourism Course to be able to be a mentor on this tour. Once you have received verification that you have completed the course and test, send that to Dean Egypt

We will conduct interviews as soon applications come in starting from the 6th of June with the exception of the 16th and 17th of June. The interviews will end on the 20th of June, so make sure to have submitted your CV and supporting documents before the 20th of June end of business.

If you have any further questions, please do  not hesitate to contact Dean Egypt and Lynette Amaro on 021 685 5038.