5 April 2018 gold Grad, Navinga, now a Community Journalist

“My name is Navinga Ndawa, I am 24 and I joined the gold peer education programme in Zambia in 2010.

When I joined I was just some girl who knew absolutely nothing about personal development. I had low self-esteem and never believed in myself.

However, as we continued meeting and having sessions with my fellow Peer Educators and Mr Winford Musaka (our Facilitator), I started learning and discovering more about myself and I got to learn how to interact with different personalities in my community. The gold programme made me realize that there is more to do in life apart from indulging in behavior that would have led my life to waste. I learned how to set good goals and live by them.

Then, seeing the influence and potential in me, Mr Winford introduced me to Restless Development Zambia where I am working right now as a Community Journalist under the Voice for Action programme aired at Power F.M. I now see myself as a go-getter and vision-carrier and am proud to mention that am also pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

As a young person, I believe in making a change in my family and community at large through the skills I obtained from gold and Restless Development… Let’s stick to our goals and stay determined!

Don’t underrate your worth; even when you are young … always remember that young people can!”