19 February 2018 Abigail’s golden grit pays off!

Abigail Mulenga, a past gold Facilitator Intern from Chingola, Zambia, shares her story….

Who said you are a failure? Who told you that you will not make it?

Only you can limit yourself if you give up on your dreams. Don’t give up! Keep on dreaming and your dreams will come alive!

I am a product of gold! A Generation Of  Leaders Discovered.

From way back as a young girl I always dreamed of nursing! Doing house chores I used to dream of it, playing with my friends in the garden, I used to act as a “nurse”. I would not stop dreaming.

When I sat for my grade 12 exams, sadly I could not make good grades in Science and Maths so I could not enter into nursing school. Did I give up? No!

I decided to rewrite the two subjects. I persevered and then again fell short of one subject. Did I give up? No!

I was determined to fight and dream on, so I went back to the drawing board and rewrote. This time I made it! You call it third time lucky? No, it was my determination!

My friends, if you are determined and focus, nothing will stand in your way except your own self-esteem. I withstood peer pressure, had self-esteem and believed in myself. Thanks to the teachings of gold, I did not want to go with the flow.

I finally entered into Nursing school. Here is the icing on the cake…

During my tenure as a first year Nursing student, my Lecturers assessed my conduct and attitude during theory work and advised that my true calling was to be a Clinical Medical Officer. Since then I have not looked back!

On this, I call to mind that which made me be what I am today! One specific training which I underwent during the gold programme entitled Equipped to Serve! This training made it possible for me to stand out amongst a crowd and be qualified to go to another level.

I also thank gold for teaching us values about the importance of love for your family because you will always need a family in life.

Currently, I have been referred to Cavendish University in my third year pursuing studying to be a fully fledged Clinical doctor in short order!

So keep your dreams alive! I am gold and I shine!”