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Welcome to Your Zone!

This is a platform for you to zone in on your special role within the gold-youth family: Social Franchisees or also known as Implementing Partners, Facilitators  or also known as Facilitator Interns, Peer Educators or gold Grads. Click on whichever zone is relevant to you and you’ll find three useful sections…

1. Your Community: Your link to all news and blog posts concerning your area of influence. Please feel free to email us at if you would like to contribute a blog post, send in some photos of a gold-related event or generally share your opinions, advice or comments on the gold programme.

2. Your Resources: gold will post any relevant information here that you may find useful in completing current tasks, for example, training notes or administration documents.

3. Future Forward: This is a service aimed to empower school leavers in accessing several opportunities including areas of tertiary education, jobs, internships, entrepreneurial opportunities and volunteer programmes. Check out the opportunities posted on the gold Grads facebook page