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Training future leaders is not in vain


A glance at some of the stories in the media, and one may be easily  led to feel hopeless about the nation’s future. However, the accounts that GOLD receives from the young people who are being equipped and empowered paints a picture of the idea that training Africa’s future leaders is not in vain. In the past two months  different kinds  training have been conducted at the various communities of practice in South Africa and Zambia.  These trainings included, among others,  a Work Readiness training that was held at Kabwe and Chingola (Zambia), a training for Facilitator interns in Diepsloot (Gauteng) and a training for Peer Educators in Limpopo.

Subsequent to the trainings , many of the young people who participated walked away with a sharpened understanding of what they could do to transform their lives and consequently influence positive change in their communities.

A young girl from Limpopo, who attended a training for Peer Educators,  said “as leaders we might not have all the power to make people change but we can be positive messages to them by letting them see the change in us”. She said this standing confidently in front of her peers.

Similar to her, other young people who attended the different trainings also realised that they have what it takes no matter how great or small to influence change in their communities.

It is because of the potential of the young people that GOLD continuously invests into their lives with the hope that they will turn the tide on the social challenges that confront their  communities.

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