GOLD Peer Education


gold remains focused on sustainability and is building towards a long term cycle of development in each target community. gold has been intentional with regards to partnering with long term donors so as to ensure a sustainable and stable programme with a long-term view. gold’s fundraising strategy ensures that funding is mobilised from a diverse set of donors (Institutional, Corporate, Government, Foundations, Trusts and Individuals). gold also works towards sustainability by integrating past peer educators into the programme reducing salary costs through providing on the job internships for a limited period.

gold is in the process of setting up a long term investment fund or “Future Fund”in order to ensure financial stability for future years, with a reduced reliance on short-term funders.

In early 2011, gold established a separate for profit company, gold-enterprises , which leverages the innovation and good practices of the gold Approach (link). The profits from gold-enterprises will go directly to gold-youth.

GOLD Consulting

gold-enterprises builds on the experience and good practices gained through twelve years of implementation of the gold Peer Education Model.

We offer:

• Accredited Peer Education Training and Consulting
• Social Behaviour Change resources and programme packages
• Youth job creation and placement services

to Corporate, Government and NGO sectors for Youth and Workplace needs.



Annual Reports

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