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Raising awareness on Teen Pregnancy

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A group of GOLD Peer Educators, and Facilitator interns from Zambia organised an awareness  campaign about Teen Pregnancy on the 18th of July. They gathered at the Indeni football ground in Makululu compound, Kabwe . The field was filled with Peer Educators’ peers, and key community stakeholders.  The programme started with drama pieces in which Peer Educators portrayed  scenarios related to Teen Pregnancy.

The information provided during the event revealed that teen pregnancy and birth rates in Zambia  for youth between the age of  14 to 18  remain among the high especially in Central province in comparison to other provinces. It was also said that adolescent pregnancy and parenthood are closely associated with a host of social and economic issues that affect teen parents, their children and society.

The messages shared during the day had an immense impact on the individuals who attended. A community member ,Mr. Teddy Chilando,  said  “we need more of this event especially here in Makululu”.

GOLD commends the Peer Educators and Facilitator interns for locking arms with key community stakeholders to ensure that the issue of teen pregnancy is given attention.


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