GOLD Peer Education

Programme Focus Areas

Southern Africa continues to face significant challenges in areas of health, education, leadership and economic and social development, yet despite this, is full of extraordinary opportunities. gold is playing a pivotal role in building human and social capital in communities, supporting education in difficult circumstances and developing a generation of young employable emerging leaders with tangible skills and character to contribute to positive change in their schools and communities.

See our programme focus areas listed below:

Empowering Young Adults-Job Creation

A major focus of gold-youth is our intensive development of young adults from disadvantaged communities through a life-changing three year internship as a gold Facilitator Intern within selected gold community and school sites.
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Empowering Children and Adolescents

The heart of the gold-youth approach is to equip adolescents to begin to reach their full social and economic potential and in turn to measurably empower their peers and other younger children to make purpose-driven and health-enhancing decisions across all areas of their lives.
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Empowering Schools, Organisations and Communities

gold has developed a robust six year (with ongoing three year cycles) capacity-building programme serving schools and community-based organisations in areas where youth risk behaviour, poverty, unemployment, gender inequality and orphanhood is high and where education structures and resources are inadequate. These organisations are known as gold social franchisees.
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Empowering Educators, Parents and Community Leaders

gold-youth provides capacity building and dialogue opportunities for community stakeholders. These services focus on mobilising school principals, educators, parents/guardians and community leaders with the tools to consciously create an enabling environment for sustained change in social norms to be brought about by youth reaching youth.
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Empowering Business and Government

gold-youth‘s strength is its focus on delivering excellence that is innovative, evidence based and scalable. gold-youth has therefore sought to build real and long-lasting relationships with the public and private sectors including demand side employers that are in need of entry level youth. In doing so, gold-youth can add value to business and government and in turn be better able to deliver on its core business.
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