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Preparing for the future-Work Readiness Training


rsz_workreadiness4_manyano_5octOn the 5th,6th and 31st of October, Work Readiness trainings were held at respective schools in the Western Cape. Work Readiness training is designed to build¬†Peer Educators’ career development knowledge, skills and increase their awareness about job as well as study opportunities.

At a school in Khayelitsha, Peer Educators were educated about how to open a bank account, get their ID book, write their CV ,and how to behave at an interview. The information given to the Peer Educators was coupled with mock interviews. These interviews gave the Peer Educators a visual understanding of what to expect at an interview as well as helped them realize areas that they need to polished before they go to an interview.

Similar to Peer Educators in Khayelitsha, Peer Educators from a school in Diep Rivier walked away from their Work Readiness training with the knowledge and practical skills they need to prepare for the future. In addition, they were motivated to pursue their aspirations. One of the Peer Educators said that the training made her see why they were doing what they are doing.




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