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Success Stories: Zambia

Flying High


Name: Mike Ng’onga  
Age: 28
Occupation: Zambia Air Force Officer

I was introduced to gold through one of gold‘s Social Franchisee’s in 2010. I underwent the years of mentorship and training and obtained two certificates of participation in the gold Peer Education Programme. Before I joined the gold Programme I lived below my true potential and allowed intimidation, people’s opinion, fear and negativity to rule my life. I had small goals and with little hope and trust in my life.

I must admit, gold‘s sessions were inexplicably powerful and undeniably awesome and life changing that I never wanted to miss any! As I read more and more of the modules and other gold material, I begun to open up and view life differently. I acquired a positive mindset and discovered my true self and abilities.

The gold Programme helped me to realize, maximize and release my inherent potential that was in me. Today I am living my dreams, a fulfilled life with meaning and purpose. All thanks to gold and my God.

Not only I am now a proud officer in the Zambia Air Force, but I have become an agent of positive change in society. I am currently working in youth-oriented programmes and projects to support disadvantaged youth in education to help them realise, maximize and fulfill their potential and live their lives to the fullest. This is what gold offered me and I strongly feel its now my turn to give back to society. 

Thank you gold-youth for contributing positively to my life, in particular to my mentor Winford (my gold Facilitator Intern at that time) for believing in me and for being the source of encouragement in my life.

To the youth out there, you can be who ever you want to be in life. Never give up, come out and get involved. God put in everyone of you profound abilities, gifts and talents that you need to release to this generation, so never doubt your abilities. Nothing is impossible to he who believes!

I recommend that the gold Programme extend this initiative even to the rural areas in Zambia who I feel are less privileged.



gold Grads – Then and Now


My name is Lengwe Chitula. I am a gold Grad from Zambia and am currently studying for a degree in Finance Management and Accounting at Chouaib Houaib Doukkali University in Morocco.

I got involved in the gold Programme through my friends who were already part of the programme as gold Peer Educators. They introduced and explained to me what it was all about, it captured my interest and I decided to join.

I really learned a lot of things being a gold Peer Educator and it is a bit difficult to point out one particular lesson that stood out the most. The session I remember the most is “Setting and Achieving Goals”. It made a huge impact on my life in such a way that I was able to set and achieve goals using the skills I learned from that session. The sessions on the dangers of substance and alcohol abuse also helped me a lot. The highlight of my time as a gold Peer Educator was being part of a presentation on Youth Day back in 2014. It was quite scary to be the first speaker in the group but it helped me grow.

I am in Morocco right now and I am doing Finance Management & Accounting. We do a lot of presentations and the skills I learned from Talk Groups and Lesson Deliveries have helped me with doing presentations in front of people, with talking to new people and with working in groups as well as doing group presentations. Thank you gold!


gold-youth Built My Confidence

image1-7My name is Maybe. I am a pupil at Chingola Secondary School. I’m in Grade 11 and am a gold Peer Educator. I have three siblings and I am the oldest of the four children. I live with my mother and step-father. Before I joined the gold Programme I didn’t believe in myself because of what my step-father said about me. He said a lot of negative things about me, that I was good for nothing. He said that I wasn’t going to be successful in life. That affected me negatively. I looked at whatever he threw at me as being true. He labelled me as being dull and lazy. But when I joined gold everything changed because of the activities in which we are trained, to become positive young leaders. My self-esteem has risen to the highest I have ever known. I am able to influence young people. I am able to stand up and build confidence in others. I live with a positive attitude. I am a completely different person to what I was. I use positive influence to help the disgraced and condemned to believe in their ability and to become better people. gold-youth has brought about in me self-belief and focus for the future. Thank you gold.



gold-youth taught me to be a leader success_stories4

My name is Nkweto Bwalya and I am a gold Mentor Peer Educator at Nchanga site in Zambia. I am 16 years old in a family of 4, and I am the second born.

Before I became a gold Peer Educator, I didn’t have the confidence to lead a team and speak at public events. It was a struggle to get to an event and represent any group, and although I was engaged in school activities, it was a problem.

Ever since I joined the gold programme my confidence has grown tremendously. I can speak at public events as I have been equipped during Lesson Delivery and Talk Group sessions that are conducted in schools and at community advocacy events by gold Peer Educators.

This exposure has helped me become a leader with confidence with the view that I am able to do it. gold  has really made me a leader for the future. I am focused and determined to offer my best for the future. gold for life.


I re-discovered my future.

I am a girl of 13 years old born in a family of two girls, and a mother who is a teacher. We live with my grandmother.

I am in Grade 9 at Sekela Secondary School. My problem was having difficulty with subjects at school. I found every subject difficult to understand, literally everything .This made my classmates laugh at me. I was called all sorts of names… dull head, koo-koo… and because of this I dreaded attending classes to the extent of dropping out of school.

During class there was an activity on improving your performance in subjects. This was conducted by Peer Educators from gold-youth. The topics challenged me to put effort in studying and working hard. The topic covered how to plan for studying, and also give more attention to the subjects that seemed difficult. Since then I am a living example that my grades have improved tremendously that I am ranked high among the top 8 in my class. I am so happy that I have silenced critics. gold has really helped me a great deal. The gold team is indeed a generation of leaders discovered, leading individuals to re-discover themselves for the future.









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