GOLD Peer Education

Success Stories: Mpumalanga

A new outlook

Peer giving an hand

My name is Prosperity. I am from Numbi. My community is a good community but most teenagers drink alcohol and also use drugs. I am passionate about helping people and I love motivating and teaching others. The issue I had was keeping things to myself even when something was really bothering me. I used to say everything is okay even when I know it is not. I decided to change when I realised that sharing my problems can help others in overcoming theirs. In the gold sessions that we attended I heard personal stories from others to help us overcome our own challenges. I also want my life story to positively change others.

Since being in the gold Programme I talk to my fellow gold Peer Educators about my challenges and they have helped me to overcome them. I used to feel very bad when I do not make it in whatever I do. But my fellow Peer Educators helped me realize that in life sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. This new attitude has helped me to be happy in life and feel good about myself and to have a better relationship with other people.

I think that I serve as an example to my Peers, for them to see that the gold Programme is here to help us make a positive change in our lives. I have volunteered in a home-based care facility, cleaning and donating clothes to the children. It is really great giving back to the community and giving a helping hand. In the coming years I see myself working as a qualified teacher. I need to pass my matric and study at University to be qualified for teaching. I think that I will be a good teacher.

Ready to conqueror the world

I am 18 years old and I’m a gold Peer Educator. It’s my third year in the gold Programme.
Before I joined gold my life was difficult. I was angry at the world because I’m HIV positive and I thought my life is over. I was even afraid to share about my HIV status. I couldn’t imagine my self being successful because of the things I’ve been through.

Being part of gold helped me to start believing in myself. I have learned a lot and have discovered my strength.

Now I’m doing great in my studies and next year I want to do science.
I am motivated about the opportunities and information we get from the gold programme (i.e. Skills Training Sessions, Future Forward and gold grads) they really inspire us to live a positive life.


I am a changed person

I’m 16 years old. I have always told myself that positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen it’s about accepting whatever happens it’s for the best. As a teenager I have always taken wrong decisions. For me the world is all about having fun. I have had many girlfriends and have been disrespectful of others. Then I joined gold-youth and the sessions have helped me to change. I am a changed person.


Paying it forward

I am 16 years old and am a gold Mentor Peer Educator doing Grade 11. I live with my mother. Joining gold helped me to pass on my study methods to other learners at school through an assembly presentation, lesson deliveries and talk group sessions.

gold-youth has built my self-confidence, communication and listening skills, through planning and delivering gold activities. My dream is to start my own an organisation one day.


A little help can go a long way

My name is Queeneth Sengwayo.  I am a young lady of 17 years. This year I am doing my Grade 12, and I am a gold Mentor Peer Educator. I am staying at Mshadza Trust with my mother.

gold has helped me develop my presentation skills and know what I want in life. I used to be a person who never thought I could be of some help to anyone but joining gold made me realize that I can do great things in other people’s lives. I can educate them about good lifestyle because for me there was no one to talk to when facing teenager’s challenges. In the gold programme we are learning that a little help from a friend or to a friend can go a long way.

As for us Peer Educators,  we have our facilitator as a source of help and she is teaching us that we can also be some good resources to our peers.

In the near future I want to be a Gynaecologist. I want to help many woman with their sexuality and help minimize miscarriages in South Africa and help reduce complications during birth. In order to achieve all this I will work hard.

gold has been so helpful in my life. I would not be who I am today if it was not for gold. I am more confident now and I will go all out to achieve my dreams.

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