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Success Stories: Kwazulu Natal


A Change for the Betterimage1

My name is Andile, I’m 15 years old and am in Grade 11. I am an orphan living with my grandmother and I know that life can never be perfect. When I joined gold I was selfish. I also did not have time to enjoy being a child. I used to have bad thoughts. But now things have changed. I am the best child and I know how to deal with problems and how to come up with solutions. gold has changed my life a lot now. I can face any challenges that come my way, focus on school and work and help others when I can.


The Message Giver is the Strongest Message

SithembisoSithembiso Ntuli is a 24-year old visionary from KwaZulu Natal. In January 2017 Sithembiso started as a Sites Coordinator for a gold Social Franchisee called Hope2Educate. Sithembiso started his journey with gold-youth as a gold Peer Educator at Umkhumbane Secondary School, then later completed his gold Facilitator Internship, giving back to his community and empowering hundreds of other adolescent gold Peer Educators. “What inspires me is implementing youth development programmes to enable youth in communities to effectively impart self-sustaining skills, knowledge and attitudes among common peer groups. I value the provision of support to emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual growth, which contributes to the holistic development of adolescent youth in schools. A sense of purpose and urgency in response to cries from members in communities to see a more emotionally conscious youth, drives me to keep this programme alive.” Sithembiso reminds us that the message giver, is indeed, the strongest message.


No Longer a Rebel 

Nikeziwe Ximba is a Grade 11 student. Nikeziwe and her little sister started living with their grandmother after their mother passed away when Nikeziwe was young. Nikeziwe was known as a very rude girl who disrespected her elders. She would steal from her grandmother and her neighbours.

However, her behaviour changed when she became a gold Senior Peer Educator. She started respecting her elders and her peers. Even her teachers at Kwapata High School noticed the change. Nikeziwe was no longer the student who rebelled against her teachers.



Potential Realized 

Amanda Vilakazi is a Grade 10 student who moved from Mpumalanga to live with her aunt in Pietermaritzburg after her mother passed away. The move was difficult for Amanda as she struggled to adjust at Sqongweni Secondary School. In the beginning of the school year she struggled to make friends and to interact comfortably with her peers.

Despite this, Amanda was chosen to be a gold Junior Peer Educator. Since becoming a Peer Educator, Amanda has not only forged friendships with other gold Peer Educators but she has also found a platform where she can speak out as well as ‘go the extra mile’ to help other students who may struggle to fit in. Amanda’s potential to be an opinion leader and help others was realized as a result of being part of the gold programme.


Teacher Congratulates gold Facilitator Interns

Samkelisiwe Ngcobo, gold Facilitator Intern

Mr Zulu is an English teacher at Sqongweni Secondary School who teaches students from Grade 10 to Grade 12. 

“Mr Zulu recently came to us to congratulate us for the work that we do as facilitators with the kids in the school . There is a gold Peer Educator (Thula) in his class who was known as a very rude student in school (he also gave us a very hard time to be honest!) However, in the end we were able to work with him towards turning his life around. Mr Zulu came to thank us in that regard and he was very happy with the progress Thula had made.”



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