GOLD Peer Education

Success Stories

Success Stories: Zambia


Flying High

Before I joined the gold Programme I lived below my true potential and allowed intimidation, people’s opinion, fear and negativity to rule my life. I had small goals and with little hope and trust in my life. As I read more and more of the modules and other gold material, I begun to open up and view life differently…

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gold Grads – Then and Now

My name is Lengwe Chitula. I am a gold Grad from Zambia and am currently studying for a degree in Finance Management and Accounting at Chouaib Houaib Doukkali University in Morocco…

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gold-youth Built My Confidence

My name is Maybe. I am a pupil at Chingola Secondary School. I’m in Grade 11 and am a gold Peer Educator. I have three siblings and I am the oldest of the four children. I live with my mother and step-father. Before I joined the gold Programme I didn’t believe in myself because of what my step-father said about me. He said a lot of negative things about me, that I was good for nothing. He said that I wasn’t going to be successful in life. That affected me negatively. I looked at whatever he threw at me as being true..

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gold-youth Taught Me to be a Leader

My name is Nkweto Bwalya, and I am a gold Mentor Peer Educator at Nchanga site in Zambia. I am 16 years old in a family of 4, and I am the second born. Before I became a gold Peer Educator, I didn’t have the confidence to lead a team and speak at public events. It was a struggle to get to an event, and represent any group; although I was engaged in school activities, it was a problem…

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Success Stories: KwaZulu Natal

A Change for the Better

My name is Andile, I’m 15 years old and am in Grade 11. I am an orphan living with my grandmother and I know that life can never be perfect…

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The Message Giver is the Strongest Message

Sithembiso Ntuli is a 24-year old visionary from KwaZulu Natal. In January 2017 Sithembiso started as a Sites Coordinator for a gold Social Franchisee called Hope2Educate. Sithembiso started his journey with gold-youth as a gold Peer Educator at Umkhumbane Secondary School, then later completed his gold Facilitator Internship giving back to him community and empowering hundreds of other adolescent gold Peer Educators…

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Success Stories: Mpumalanga

A new outlook

My name is Prosperity… I am passionate about helping people and I love motivating and teaching others. The issue I had was keeping things to myself even when something was really bothering me. I used to say everything is okay even when I know it is not…

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Peer giving an hand

Ready to conqueror the world

I am 18 years old and I’m a peer educator. It’s my third year in the gold programme.
Before I joined gold my life was difficult. I was angry at the world because I’m HIV positive and I thought my life is over. I was even afraid to share about my HIV status. I couldn’t imagine my self being successful because of the things I’ve been through. Being part of gold helped me to start believing in myself. I have learned a lot and have discovered my strength…

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Success Stories: Western Cape


A Changed Person

My name is Babalo. Since I joined the gold Programme I am a changed person. I have learned many things about what is happening outside there, I have learned about the challenges that we are facing in our homes as well as in our communities. I can make a change with my peers because I’ve also done many wrong things…

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Proud of Being a Leader

My name is Axole. I joined gold-youth at the beginning of 2017 when I became a gold Junior Peer Educator and I have been attending all the gold activities and sessions since then. At first I did not know how to help a person with a problem and I also didn’t know what to do… 

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Part of the Solution

My name is Sindisa. I was born in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, and I spent the first half of my primary school life living in Philippi with my grandmother, my mom, uncle, three aunts and seven cousins. Our house was quite full and always buzzing with family. For quite some time, my mom and my aunt were the only two people in the house who were employed…

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My name is Alice. I have a friend that is in the gold peer education programme. Recently I discovered that   my father is HIV positive. He is the only breadwinner in the house. I was shocked because I did not know how to react to this news. At first I thought that I cannot share this with anyone because I was afraid of being judged. But then I decided to share it with my friend who is a gold peer educator…

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