GOLD Peer Education

Research Base


In assessing the ways that gold-youth Peer Education programmes are bringing about measurable change, gold-youth has endeavored to understand changes as seen by its Social Franchisees, gold Facilitator Interns, gold Peer Educators, gold Grads, and by gold Peers as the ultimate beneficiaries of peer education.

gold measures its outcomes and impact in the following ways:

A rigorous monitoring and evaluation system within which a log frame approach (LFA) matrix stipulates performance indicators and corresponding standards for programme delivery. Cluster implementation is assessed annually as part of our quality assurance.

Key proximal and distal outcomes are assessed through:

annual quantitative research (eg pre and post surveys and academic performance assessments)

annual qualitative research either (eg: surveys, focus groups and interviews with: school principals, educators, community leaders, parents, facilitators, peer educators and peers).

External evaluations by independent organisations and or funders

This research is summarised below and reports available for download.


See gold 2014 Annual Report for greater detail

See gold 2015 Annual Report -lowres for greater detail