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Going back to basics-A GOLD training

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In the last week of August as well the first week of September a group of 12 community development volunteers from Diepsloot, Gauteng, were part of a basic training about how to implement the GOLD programme.

The volunteers benefited greatly from the session regarding the 7 Elements necessary to implement the programme like Programme Planning, Managing Facilitator, Managing Peer Educators and Reaching Peers and the community. The volunteers felt confident about and were eager to apply the information pertaining to reaching the community. The volunteers also gained a better understanding about Programme Integration and their role as volunteers in the community like working with various stakeholders. Lastly, the volunteers gleaned understanding about Management Practices and Monitoring and Evaluating.

At the end of the two respective trainings, one of the volunteers said “the training was insightful and I have learnt much”.

GOLD looks forward to the transformation-whether small or great-that will occur in Diepsloot: a community plagued by countless social ills.


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