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Sign up to be a gold Grad!

gold past programme Facilitator Interns and Peer Educators can keep in touch with us through our gold Grad community which allows us to continue to offer services and benefits to you beyond your formal time in the gold programme.  All you need is an email address.


Who qualifies?

Facilitator Interns:  You must have completed your workplace internship including Track 1, 2 and 3 core trainings, have delivered Tracks 1, 2 and 3 and have attended Future Forward training.

Peer Educators: gold Mentor Peer Educators who graduate at the end of each year (i.e. complete Tracks 1-3) and who have attended Future Forward training.

Once you have completed your sign-up , please complete your gold CV.

Click on one of the links that applies to you below:




Why should I sign up?

  • As a gold Grad you will be part of a national and international community of past gold beneficiaries. You will be able to network across this extended gold Grad community which will connect you far beyond your community, province and even country.
  • The gold Grads Zone is only available to gold Grads and offers:

- Your Community linked to the gold Grad categories from the blog where you can catch up on the latest gold Grad news and events.

- Your Resources where you will receive news and information on a range of relevant topics, gold products, articles from gold newsletters etc.

- Future Forward where you will be given the opportunity for ongoing learning – continuing and enriching the formal training you received with gold.

- Opportunities for job placements through linkage to a designated job site. In addition to this site gold will also be networking with organisations to source job and study opportunities. When these occur, they will be advertised on the gold Grad Zone.


To get the most out of this service you have to be pro-active and make use of the opportunities provided. You need to ensure that you connect regularly with the site and follow up on opportunities that are advertised.


Your Community: Your news and blog posts. Email if you would like to contribute a blog post, photos or comments on the gold programme.
Your Resources: Relevant information you may find useful in completing current tasks, for example, training notes or administration documents.
gold Future Forward: This is a service aimed to empower school leavers in accessing several opportunities including areas of tertiary education, jobs, internships, entrepreneurship opportunities and volunteer programmes. Check out the opportunities posted on the home page or gold Grads Facebook group.
gold Grads on Facebook: Connect with other gold Grads on the gold Grad Facebook Group. Inspire, support one another and network as young leaders for your future.