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Department of Social Development gives Social Work Scholarships


The Department of Social Development is calling individuals who either studying to become Social Workers or are looking to start studying in 2016 sholarships to study at any university of their choice. Individuals who want to start studying in 2016 must provide proof of admission by the University they have applied to or a proof of payment for admission.

The closing date is: 31st of October.

Click here to get more information

Click here for application form.

Disclaimer: GOLD Peer Education Development Agency is not advertising this opportunity, but merely telling readers about the opportunity created by the company/institution referenced in the blog. GOLD Peer Education Development Agency makes no warranty or guarantee about the opportunity expressed in this  blog. By applying for the opportunity mentioned in this blog, you are agreeing that GOLD Peer Education Development Agency is not responsible for the application process as well as the outcome of the application; instead, it is your responsibility to ensure that the application process runs smoothly and make enquiries to find out about the results of the application from the company/institution that has created the opportunity. 



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