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In a month and a few days time, the National Senior Certificate Examinations will commence. This is the time when matriculates in every  South African school will be required to recall what they have learnt and apply their minds. It is therefore important for students to use their time wisely.

There are a number of activities that rob a student of their time. These include: excessively watching television, being idle, spending alot of time with visitors and being on the  telephone for extended amount of time. The best way to avoid wasting time is by doing the following:

  • Be disciplined with the amount of time spent watching television and/or listening to radio
  • Learn to say no convincingly to impromptu visits from friends
  • Create constructive revision games using subject supplements-found in newspapers- to play during idle moments
  • If possible, stay at school for 30 minutes to do some of the assignments before going home to complete chores.

GOLD wishes all the matriculates the best in their preparation.

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