GOLD Peer Education

What we do

Our vision

We see a generation of young African leaders confronting the root issues of youth risk behaviour, through uplifting their communities and imparting vision and purpose to present and future generations.

Our mission

Our mission is to roll out quality youth peer education programmes in alignment to the gold Model thereby empowering youth peer leaders to become positive role models and agents of social and economic change.


Our audacious goal

To develop a million young African leaders with character and integrity to mobilise their generation with the tools and support to reach their full potential, with concrete results in social behaviour change; education and job creation.

Our services

In support of the scale up of the gold Model gold-youth offers the following core services:

  1. Stakeholder Mobilisation: Engagement, identification, assessment and selection of community based social franchisees as gold implementing partners and the collaboration with and management of all gold Programme Stakeholders (Government roleplayers; parents/guardians; teachers and community leaders; demand side industry partners). 


  1. Training and Support: The provision of interactive and technical training and the support of community organisations in order to build their capacity to implement quality and effective gold Peer education programmes.


  1. Quality Assurance: Design of programme frameworks in alignment to the gold Model; the quality assurance of
    implementation of gold Peer Education programmes; and the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of gold programmes on desired outcomes.


  1. Resource Development: 1. Research and documentation of youth social behaviour change, education and job creation learnings, trends and best practices;2. Development of customisable peer education materials, media products, implementation guides and curricula used by gold Programme Participants and Stakeholders (gold social franchisee management, programme stakeholders, facilitator interns, peer educators; peers; gold Grads) 


  1. Advocacy and Visibility: The facilitation of activities, establishment of strategic relationships and partnerships and the development of resources that a) support gold youth beneficiaries to take local action and advocate for change to benefit under-served communities at a local, national and international level in line with the sustainable development goals, b) Raise awareness of Provincial/National gold Peer Education programmes and c) Support gold programme participants to enhance the visibility and credibility of their programmes within their schools and communities to deepen impact.


  1. Resource Mobilisation Identification, gathering and coordination of a wide range of local, national and international resources and partnerships that support towards the sustainable scale up of the gold Model.

We value

Integrity    .     Compassion   .   Transparency