A blanket donation in season


As winter settled in Cape Town in the months of March and April, learners from schools in Kraafontein received a generous donation of blankets from a caring group of friends in the USA, spurred on by Michelle Young. This donation came as a result of Michelle Young’s visit to Cape Town in November 2014 when she was seconded to GOLD  as part of Ashoka’s Executive in Residence Programme. This programme is about giving Ashoka Fellows the opportunity to work with individuals in an executive position from different companies who assist them in their social enterprise endeavors. In addition, Executive company leaders are given the opportunity to learn from Ashoka social entrepreneurs provided that they are spreading the message of “everyone a change maker” – the heart of the relationship between Ashoka and Western Union.

On the last day of her visit she went to schools where the GOLD Peer Education programme is implemented and interacted with the Peer Educators and other learners. She listened attentively and carried with her the young people’s stories. These stories stirred Michelle to initiate a blanket drive back home whereby she asked her network of friends to support her.

When the blankets arrived they were given to the learners who were identified by the respective schools as needing the blankets the most.One of the learners said “I am very thankful for my blanket, now I can keep myself warm in winter”.

GOLD would like to thank Michelle for not only observing the tangible impact of the GOLD Peer Education programme, but also recognizing the need of the young people, and sharing it with  friends who in return contributed towards meeting it.

What a warm embrace the GOLD family feels through this incredible act of kindness.





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